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Why SamsoSmile

Through my work in the New Dentist Business Club, over the past 3 years, I have had the opportunity to meet many first time and veteran practice owners. 99% of them talk about the same problems. 

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  1. Staffing 
  2. Insurance reimbursements 
  3. Huge write off at the end of the year & lesser income to take home

It’s bad enough that the above problems exist, but what makes it worse is, things are not getting any better. 

  1. Insurance reimbursements have remained at a historic stand still for the last decade. Can we as a group expect them to go higher anytime soon? Likely not. 
  2. Wages everywhere are rising. And that’s only fair. With the rising costs of living, inflation and the strong pull of remote- tech jobs now present, as business owners we need to do MORE to retain our team members.
  3. Most practice owners are calculating a 20-35% write off in their annual revenues due to lower insurance reimbursements. This means that if their practice produced 1.5 mil this year, they collected a little over a million.

What do you think this does to overhead? And take home income? How will dentists today be able to pay back debt on their practice and education with lesser than expected take home pay?

Suffice it to say, listening to these conversations and putting all the statistics o work, it made it seem less and less appealing to be a practice owner. And, this is coming from someone who has dreamed of starting a practice since 2019.

Most new graduates are asking themselves, ‘am I willing to make far less money for what it’s worth and take home more headaches, as a practice owner than as a successful associate?’

Enter SamsoSmile

Before SamsoSmile became SamsoSmile, it was an idea. We ran this idea amongst hundreds of dentists and office managers. Responses came pouring in on what their biggest problems in dentistry were and how those could be solved by automation. 

Staffing + Insurance + Inefficiencies  were the common elements that kept popping up.

SamsoSmile was built with the dentist in mind. We coded and designed with thorough input of 2 dentists in the Bay Area. Both told us what they were looking for, changes to be made in our product and we iterated it every single week since September, 2022. 

SamsoSmile is a cloud powered website that you, as the dentist or office manager, can simply log on to, adding NPI (National Provider Identifier) and patient’s insurance details to verify their comprehensive benefits. I say comprehensive because that’s what the real time- API (application program interface) directly from the insurance plan provides us with. 

Search by dental code or procedure description in SamsoSmile

We have partnered with more than 250 insurance plans to make SamsoSmile possible.

Ever wondered if you and the insurance plan are on the same page? Now you don’t have to worry. With SamsoSmile you can see exactly what the insurance plan is seeing on their end. No errors, no mistakes, no need for additional phone calls and faxes. 

Do you have an office manager that is overwhelmed with work? Or are you having a tough time finding an insurance coordinator? Use SamsoSmile. Make life a little easy with technology. 

SamsoSmile also offers tons of search buttons throughout the product to enable you to to find a code or procedure description you are looking for. We have been HIPAA compliant since the beginning and proudly follow ADA CDT coding guidelines. 

The comprehensive benefit package generated by SamsoSmile can now be saved as a PDF in your PMS or printed and shown to the patient directly for easier communication!

Excited to try SamsoSmile? Email to book a product demonstration today!

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