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What babies teach their parents 

Having watched my sister and sister in law raise their kids, I knew having a baby would change our lives. Traveling would change as we know it. Sleep and time alone would become more valuable. I also knew that one can manage both work and family expertly. You can have it all.  What I didn’t… Continue reading What babies teach their parents 


ADA Institute for Diversity in Leadership

After what seems like a whirlwind of a year, I graduated from the prestigious and highly competitive ADA IDL (Institute for Diversity in Leadership) Program in December. I am going to put down my thoughts on the experience I’ve had before other things come along and I forget! Memory can be fickle. Writing things down… Continue reading ADA Institute for Diversity in Leadership

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Professional gratitude

October is a month for gratitude. I didn’t know that. Technically, gratitude should be experienced daily, right? In any case, I was thinking about gratitude this morning and decided to write about it. Here are 5 things I’m truly grateful for in my career as a dentist. Moving to the United States To be fair,… Continue reading Professional gratitude

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Dental Nachos Super Dentist Boost Camp 2023

Hello! It’s been months since I uploaded my last blog. Why? It’s been busy and I’ve been playing hard to just catch up. And breathe.  One of the biggest benefits of blogging is to the blogger themselves. We get a chance to reflect on past experiences and gain new wisdom. This leads us to blog… Continue reading Dental Nachos Super Dentist Boost Camp 2023