Giving thanks

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There is always something to be grateful about. Counting blessings has been instrumental in making this year better for me, and maybe it will for you too. Here are some of the things, outside of family and friends, that I’m particularly thankful about this year.

This website

I started THIS website during the pandemic! It was during the 2-month shutdown, that I finally had the time to code for and build it. Blogging has helped me assimilate my thoughts, recognize patterns, solve problems, and remain creative. I am very grateful for the comments, DM’s and thoughts I hear from you- readers! It means the world to me to receive a little comment in the mail or on my Instagram handle. All of that is worth the months of agonizing and researching that went into ‘how to create a professional website.’

Completing my Goodreads challenge

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All of you know how much I love to read. It might surprise you that this is the first time in my life that I have completed a reading challenge. 50 books in under a year! Self-development and leadership books have contributed in a big way to my positivity. They have also helped me build better systems for the Club, find my why and improve as a leader.

Waking up at 5 AM

Those of you with kids, or with a spouse, know what I mean when I say getting your ‘quiet time’. I am usually at my most creative, and least distracted in the 2 hours of quiet time I manage to get in at the beginning of each day. Most days I have no agenda for those wee hours. It is simply to clean the kitchen from the night before, make my coffee and get some writing in. Other days, I feel inspired and write out some thoughts for the Club or my future dental practice.  Many of those free-flowing essays become the blogs you see here, including this one!

Growth of the NDBC

I write a lot about the NDBC and how fiercely proud I am of its growth. It was just a baby in Sept 2019, and now it’s almost a toddler, haha! I’m excited about the buzz it is creating. I’m also humbled when I receive messages from Club members about their satisfaction with meetings so far.

However, I’m most thankful for the 9 AM Board Meetings I have every Sunday with our Vice President and Secretary, Isabella and Preet. Every meeting we have is fun, packed with tangible ideas and ends with specific goals for the week.

Both are as motivated or even more so than me, and are sure to develop into excellent leaders in their communities.  Patients and team members will be lucky to have such wonderful and driven dentists care for them!

LEND program at UW

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One of my biggest dreams for my future dental practice is to build a place where patients of all ages and abilities feel welcomed and included. I find it particularly important to include people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in this vision, because they may have requirements and sensitivities that we need to be aware of. The LEND program is helping me understand those requirements and build a truly inclusive clinic. I’m one of 42 candidates from all over WA to be selected for this year’s training program.

I am grateful to be sponsored by the Arc of Washington for my involvement in this program and hope to use their generous contribution in a meaningful way in the future!

Starting ‘Life Lessons’ Series

This came as a result of reading Randy Pausch’s ‘Last Lecture.’ After reading the book, my husband and I introduced the concept to our family and decided to host our own Series of Last Lectures! After changing the name of the series to ‘Life Lessons,’ every Saturday we now tune in on Zoom to listen to one of our family members speak. Members take turns presenting on the most important values they’ve learned in life.

The success of this series has become the reason why I look forward to every Saturday morning.

Joining the Creative Collective

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Started by Shivani, a fellow dentist I met via IG, the Creative Collective group has become one of the best Clubs to be a part of. Although, a peer by age, Shivani is a true role model and exactly the kind of person you want to have in your inner circle of friends.  She motivates her friends to do better and leads by example. I always admire her courage and fortitude. Hence, I am gladly nominating her for the ADA 10 under 10 New Dentist Award. She started the Creative Collective, a group where female healthcare providers get together once a month to discuss topics on self-development and passions outside of their career. These meetings have been uplifting because I hear about something other than clinical dentistry or business each time.

I once even lectured on the ups and downs in the NDBC and received critical feedback and value from listeners. The meeting helped me make necessary pivots and decide what to work on next.  

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This pandemic could have been the worst thing in your life. I bet you know more than one person who has fallen victim to the virus, or perhaps become very sick. So, I urge you to try and think of the few positive things in your life. Whatever they may be or however small they may be. Maybe you can celebrate just waking up on time this morning, or give thanks for a spouse who supports you. Find what it is that you’re thankful for today and make it count.

Make your day count today!

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