What nobody tells you about success

Have you ever wondered how some people manage to do so many valuable things in a single day? Why is it that only a few are able to enjoy true success, and other do not? This is a post about uncommon traits and habits that allow some people to become winners.

A lot of factors play into making an individual successful. Luck and opportunity have roles to play, but so do habits, emotional support and having the right mindset. Before diving into common characteristics that successful people share, here is a definition of success: It is the experience of deep personal and professional growth, while understanding your ‘why’ and using every opportunity to give back.

Success is the experience of deep personal and professional growth, while understanding your ‘why’ and using every opportunity to give back.


Everyone loves to talk, but successful people like to listen. It is the quality of listening, and thus engaging with others, that allows them to build a strong support system over time. Having a wide-spread network is what helps successful people excel at business, find mentors, and look for ways to improve. Unsurprisingly, it all starts with listening.


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Happy, peaceful minds are fertile grounds for initiatives to take birth in, and dreams to be realized through. Successful people have a mindset that allows them to look for positivity in every situation. They rarely complain, and if they do, they are trying to find solutions to problems. They always find opportunities, where most others find negativity and fear. This is mainly because of their mindset.

If you’re feeling stressed, watch this short video for some fresh perspective https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3aDXM5H-Fuw

Gift of time

Successful people, make the time to work on themselves. If it is writing, they will diligently write after the kids have gone to bed. If it is cooking, they will be in the kitchen, trying out a new recipe after work, daily. They make no excuses or say, ‘I’ll just do more tomorrow’. Prioritizing allows them to find time to do things they love.

Support systems

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Contrary to the idea that ‘a winner stands alone’, true winners have a team of cheerleaders surrounding them. They are supported emotionally by friends, family and advisors who are invested in their growth and happiness. This could include an understanding spouse, who will do the dishes while his partner works on her dream project, or a mother, who supports her daughter with encouragement and meaningful feedback. Successful people, often come from wholesome family structures, that allow them to thrive.  

Courage to continue

When you’ve applied to B schools three times already and have been unsuccessful, you might be tempted to give up. Or, maybe you’ve tried your hand at a couple small businesses, but they all fail to grow past the initial startup mark. Most will give up, after this. Successful people, however, always seem to understand when to continue trying, and often have the courage to do so. The fear of giving up too soon, is often bigger than the fear of regret, for them.

If you’re looking for a short, awesome video to get you pumped watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZXsQAXx_ao0

Learners for life

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We always find successful people talking about a new book they’ve read, a new place they’ve travelled to, a new friend they’ve made or a new cause they support. They value different perspectives, thoughts and opinions, and enjoy learning about the world. This in turn, enables them to make well thought out decisions in their personal and professional lives. It also makes them more empathetic, and helps build better leadership and management skills.

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Giving back

Truly successful people always try to give back, whether it is in sponsoring a junior at work, building a social enterprise, or giving a talk to inspire others. They understand the importance of sharing their knowledge and do not wait till they are ‘successful’ in the traditional sense of the word, to give back. They believe in giving back, at every stage of life.

Long story short, success is possible and within reach for most of us. It only needs discipline, time and diligent intention to make it a reality.

Do you have certain daily habits or rituals that help you stay positive, focused and driven? Reach out, let’s discuss it!

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  1. Great points Dr. Deshpande. Thinking out of the box is another important skill that successful leaders need 🙂

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