You may have heard of this concept before- of Manifesting. Even though I’d heard of it before, I never understood its importance so did not put it into action.

I know NOW how critical it is to manifest and implement.

Manifesting has helped me create a life I can look back on and be proud of one day. I am still learning how to do it well, and using it to help achieve better results. While I continue to learn, I also want to share these strategies with you so YOU can benefit from this powerful thought process. So, today, I am going to help you with 2 things.

Photo by Randy Tarampi on Unsplash

#1 teach what the power of manifesting means, and #2 share how you can do it for yourself. My hope is that this leads to #3, that you succeed at achieving goals you manifested and share with me the results!

#1 What is the power of manifesting and why should we try to do it?

Manifesting is dreaming. I think of it as day dreaming with a specific goal. For some of you, it would be dreaming about getting into your ideal dental school, in your preferred city. For me, it is having a practice I am truly proud of, for others it is different things. The goal behind day dreaming is to let that vision fill you up with a lot of positive energy. Energy that COMPELS you to take action right away.

So for me, when I began day dreaming about a practice I am proud of, I start thinking of what my legacy should be like. What that practice or multiple practices I begin should be like 15-20 years down the line, how would those practices impact the community they are based in, and what kind of care would they would offer to people. Thinking of all of these things, although they are in abstract terms, filled me up with a lot of positive vibes, and what I ended up doing as a result is penning down specific goals that I needed to accomplish to make that vision a reality.


For example, these are the last few things I manifested:

  1. Writing a book for foreign trained dentists- I started writing in 2019 and will begin formatting said book next month!
  2. Starting a Study Club that is national and diverse in its feel and understanding. A Club that people from all over the US would find meaning in. Where they would be learning better business strategies and get inspired to become better leaders. At 60 members and counting, we are already achieving that vision in a small way.

This is only the start, imagine what can happen if you do this all the time, and check off your big fat goals one by one?

We now come to #2. Learning how to MANIFEST!

  1. Create space in your day to dream and think. This could be a little as 30 minutes. 1 hour is the golden zone, if you can get that time for yourself, you are already giving yourself enough time to manifest.
  2. Use the first half of this special time, to meditate or think about your craziest, most fun dreams. If you’re like me, you will write it out. Use a book or type it in word on your computer.
  3. The second half automatically spurs you into action. You won’t even need to motivate yourself into action. Simply looking at your dreams will make you want to take the next step.
  4. This is what the second half of my creative time leads me to: figuring out how to join a business mastermind, signing up for improv comedy classes to improve communication skills, joining the dental society and signing up for a leadership position. While all of these are small goals, they all will ultimately help me achieve my bigger goals of widening my network, building persuasive influence and improving leadership skills. All of which help me find success as a practice owner.
Photo by Jeremy Perkins on Unsplash

We now come to #3. Give this concept 6 months and tell me how it goes for you.

Does you career move forward, did you achieve one of your bigger goals? Or did you get exactly what you wanted and then wondered if you should’ve dreamed even bigger?

My dental bestie, and trusted colleague @dr.shivasana is hosting a workshop that does this and a lot more on Sunday, April 18. To sign up, follow this link!

Anything is possible. I am excited for you!

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