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The overarching theme for most vision board planning that commences at the beginning of each year is a listing of goals you want to accomplish. Bucket list items you want to check off. Have you created a vision board for yourself yet? I recently watched a recording of the ‘Strategic Dreaming’ session hosted by my good friend, Dr. Shivani Kamodia Barto for members of the Creative Collective. There were so many things in it that stood out to me.

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  1. Having an overarching vision is just one thing, but breaking it down to its fundamental purpose and tracking core values behind it, helps you create meaningful habits towards that vision. It’s a simple concept but one I understood properly only last night.

2. It also drove home the fact that we can truly achieve anything.  As long as it’s on paper in front of us, its crystal clear in our mind, and we understand the steps it will take to get there.

The most important thing I realized about myself during this process is that it is time to slow down and focus on just three important goals this year.

Nothing else.

3. If the activities I take up are not moving the needle on either of the three goals, it’s time to pass them up! Unlike last year I have a fewer number of goals I want to hit, but these are big ones and require me to give up other aspects of my life.

Giving up things that no longer serve you

One of the things I have had to give up, is my love for teaching and mentoring. While I enjoy helping students out, teaching started taking up a lot of time in my schedule. Now that I will no longer be teaching every week at Pacific, I suddenly have most of my Wednesday’s open to brainstorming other ideas, reading technical books and focusing on my health. All the things that matter more to me right now.

As a result of my book, Persevering, launching last year, I was contacted by several students from all over the world, asking for feedback on their statement of purpose, resumes and bios for school applications. And, while a part of me would have loved to help all of these people individually, there simply isn’t enough time in the day to give them all a 100%.

Giving up teaching and mentoring, doesn’t mean the door is closed forever. It means other doors open so I can leave something behind that is of more value and impact.

What are your goals this year? Have you considered preparing a vision board? Do you enjoy the creative process that goes into planning the year ahead of you?

If you haven’t tried it, let this post be a reminder that you should. It’s a fun process that helps you learn about yourself. You will come up with something good, trust me. And once your vision board is complete, and you hang it up in front of your workstation, you will automatically see your dreams come true. One by one.  

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