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The Wall Street Journal put out an interesting podcast episode on the Journal last week. It was about why many American’s are quitting their jobs. The results were not surprising, and frankly, all too relatable. All of us have friends who quit their jobs this year, and we all know others who want to.

Some of us are lucky in that we actually find ourselves in amazing jobs. We feel loved and appreciated, and pandemic or not, we want to stick! I’ve had the opportunity to be (and currently am) in such a job!

These are five things that make a job amazing. Just FIVE! On the other hand, if you’re a business owner and have gotten the weird reputation of having a ‘revolving door’, here’s a few recommendations that’ll make a difference:


Great managers take the time to appreciate and thank their team! Even getting a message saying, ‘you’re doing so well, I appreciate all of your hard work, tell me how may I support you further?’ makes you feel incredible because it shows someone is taking note. I realized early on that getting appreciated for my efforts is my secret love language. Do you know what your love language is?


I like to think of good managers as motivational coaches in casual wear (and without the Ted talk credentials)! Lol. When things get tough, they should encourage, and cheer you up.

Great managers motivate you by knowing just what to say when a client meeting doesn’t go well, a lead begins to ghost you, or your implant failed. They tell you they’ve been there, that these things happen, and to not give up! They rekindle that fighting spirit within you and make you feel supported.

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Great managers WANT to invest in your personal and professional growth. They suggest books, courses and conferences for you to partake in. They do this because they understand that the inputs gained by you will ultimately benefit them too.

PS: This will only work if both the manager and the employee are on the same page with what continuing education course to take. Taking your team for a course only YOU are interested in, and they are not, is a waste of time and money. Also, team members who aren’t motivated to do any further learning, are probably not the best fit for you (or anyone else). They are in the wrong job!


Giving feedback is probably the most important thing a manager can do. Feedback is not the same as criticism. It has to be honest, fair and HELPFUL! It also has to be given regularly. In my current role as an advisor and key accounts manager to a health tech company, I get feedback every Monday. I actually look forward to these meetings because it helps me solve things prior to them becoming issues!


While 1-4 are important to have, the most important thing is paying the employee on time and making good on all the benefits or promises mentioned. Don’t make promises that you can’t keep. Treat people well and they will always do right by you.

All the best!

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