Startup Series

Hi everyone!

Startup Series is happening! Woohoo!

I am teaching a new series on startups. Over the last few weeks, as I’ve been crawling through the process of a startup myself, I realized the need of documenting every step and teaching it, so you do not make any of the mistakes that dentists commonly make at this time. So without further ado, here it is.

Why should you trust me as a teacher?

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Like yourself, I too, am a new dentist that dreams of ownership!

I firmly believe that if every new dentist or dental student had comprehensive business knowledge, we would all make fewer mistakes in practice acquisitions and startups. We would find more fulfillment in ownership, improve patient outcomes, take more time off, and be able to afford the clinical CE we want!

We will, with this peer to peer support, be able to elevate patient care in our communities. This is the ultimate goal.

What does the Series entail?

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The Startup Series, like past Practice Evaluation Series is broken down into 4 sessions.

As soon as you register and pay your dues, the VP of the New Dentist Business Club, Isabella Amar DDS, will send you details on the Series: mainly the meeting link (same for every class) and the dates.

DAY 1: March 24: Startup BASICS

Learn how to build a business plan, budget and financial projections based on your why. Learn to reverse engineer your first startup from the dream of multi-practice ownership.

DAY 2: April 14: Lease and locations

Learn the nitty gritty on leases and finding a location, working with a dental specific tenant representative to help you find an ideal location.

DAY 3: May 19: Permitting & Marketing

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Learn the basics on designing your dream practice and some tips on how to stay organized during this process. Learn when to start marketing and which companies to consider working with.

DAY 4: June 16: Construction time line

Learn the time line for construction, setting up a contract with your GC for review, budgeting for all expenses properly, and building all other manuals- hiring, employees, HR, etc while starting to schedule patients. This last session ties up the Series!

All live classes will be held on a Wednesday evening at 6:30 PM PST.

Note: The full Series will be recorded, to be used as coursework for members of the New Dentist Business Club. If you are uncomfortable being recorded, and still want to attend the Series, make sure to hide your camera and name during the seminar.


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$80/- if you register prior to March 1, 2021.

$160/- after March 1, 2020. Registrations close March 15, 2021.

Note: This full Series is a benefit to all members of the New Dentist Business Club. Email Isabella and let her know you are a member. You will gain access to all content with no additional charge.


Excited? Me too! Email Isabella Amar DDS at to register for the Series. And, see you in class!!