The best conferences, podcasts and courses, leave you with more questions than answers. They open your eyes to a world of possibility and inspire you to learn more. Listed below are resources that helped me discover the awesome world of business in dentistry. I plan to update this page once a month, so please keep coming back!


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Shared Practices

I started listening to this podcast on the recommendation of a dental student I met at a business conference. I didn’t realize its potential when she mentioned it, I’m just glad I wrote the name down and downloaded it the following week! This podcast is a goldmine of information. Its earlier seasons discuss buying a practice and its newer seasons deal with improving systems within an existing practice, becoming a better leader, and how to go about learning from other dentists’ failures. I would recommend starting with season 2 if you’re interested in learning the basics on buying a practice.

The Thriving Dentist Show

This is probably the first dental podcast I ever heard. Hosted by Gary Takacs, owner of a dental practice and a dental consultant, the show features experts from the industry discussing best practices for a dental office, including scheduling, hiring, patient communication, insurances, and improving productivity. I love that the show offers practical HR tips that are easy, even for an associate, to implement the very next day. The podcast also recently started to feature Dr. Lee Ann Brady’s clinical tips, where she lists her favorite dental materials and other protocols she uses in office.

The Dentist Money Show

It is sound financial management and improved business skills, that allow us to serve patients better, find satisfaction in our career and enables us to truly care for our teams. Originally hosted by Reese Harper and Ryan Isaac, both dental specific CFP’s, the show is also hosted by other speakers, and focuses on bringing valuable content on retirement plans, student and practice loans, investments, taxes, and basic practices related to wealth management for a dentist.

Practice Purchased

This podcast is hosted by Brian Hanks, a dental specific CFP, and came just prior to the launch of his online course. There are 20 short episodes dealing exclusively with the how-to’s of buying a practice. I’d recommend listening to the full podcast prior to downloading his course.

The Lifestyle Practice

This podcast is hosted by three speakers, Drs. Justin Short, Derek Williams and Steve Van De Graaff. Apart from being dentists, they are also consultants you can hire. They sometimes have guest speakers on but for the most part host discussions amongst themselves, detailing how to improve productivity, and sharing experiences from their own clinics.

The Making Of.. podcast

This podcast follows Dr. Ashley Joves’ journey of building a start up in Folsom, California. The format of the podcast has Michael, the Dental Marketer asking her for weekly updates. It feels very much like listening in on a conversation between friends. Ashley comes across as a very honest, humble and inspiring dentist. I would highly recommend listening to this podcast from episode 1, even if you do not plan to open a start up in the future. Find out more here:

The Bulletproof Dental Practice podcast

Hosted by Drs. Craig Spodak and Peter Boulden, you will find several tips on business, leadership and marketing in their episodes. It is also very funny at times and one of those podcasts you would want to listen to in the morning on your commute to work. It will leave you pumped up and ready to start the day on a good note. Give it a listen here:


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Practice Purchase Blueprint

Taught by Brian Hanks, a buyer advocate, in addition to a CFP, this course is self-paced and may take several weeks to complete. It is an extended and detailed version of his podcast episodes. The most value I got from the course was in the second half, with its plug-in friendly excel sheet, that took Brian years to create, section on tax asset allocations, how to pay yourself as an owner, tips on selecting an accountant and a banker, and how to read financial statements. Podcast listeners get a discount.

Ownership Accelerator

This self-paced course was co-created by Drs. George Hariri, of Shared Practices, and Paul Goodman, of Dental Nachos, and includes a few other notable speakers. It is a start to finish how-to buy a practice guide. I found the section on demographics, choosing a location and developing mailers, to be extremely valuable. Hariri describes the method he used in his own search and shows how it landed him the practice of his dreams.  They are running a half-off discount right now due to COIVD 19. Head to their website for details.

Mini Series with Drs. Justin Short & George Hariri

Two of the most respected dental podcasters talking about practice acquisitions, system improvisations, team leadership, overhead and metrics. This is a free mini series, which I absolutely loved! Make sure you are ready to take notes. Access it here:


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This 2-day in person conference (held in San Francisco and NYC) is geared towards newer dentists and dental students. It covers several topics from finding an associateship and building your brand to evaluating a practice for sale and developing good communication skills. What makes this conference special is the opportunity to network with some of the kindest and most successful people in the dental industry, including Dr. David Rice, founder of IGNITE DDS, himself. This conference is well worth the time and investment.

Business Masters with Breakaway Seminar

This is a 2 day in-person course, hosted at Breakaway’s headquarters in San Antonio, with Dr. Scott Leune. It was heavily recommended by Shared Practices podcasters, so attending this course was a no-brainer to me. Scott goes in depth on basic systems within the office, from marketing, answering phones, billing and insurances to understanding EBITDA, case acceptance and outsourcing. The course comes with a book that is an excellent guide to continue further studies. If you currently own a practice, Scott recommends bringing your team with you to this course.


Subscription lists can be pretty boring but the following companies always have useful content on theirs.

The Dentist Money Show

In addition to financial strategies specific to a dentist, Reese Harper has been hosting webinars discussing EIDL and PPP loans for the last three weeks. It has been helpful to understand a financial advisor’s perspective on the pandemic and post pandemic world.

Shared Practices

Their webinars are far and in between, but when they do send out an email you need to read it right away, because of the quality of information they provide. They recently hosted a great webinar on practice acquisitions post COVID-19.

Brian Hanks

He hosts informative webinars on practice acquisitions and makes it a point to bring on lawyers and lenders to address the audience. His mailing list will have information on how to register for webinars.

The Lifestyle Practice

Receive actionable business tips from Dr. Justin Short himself in this mailing list. You are encouraged to reply to his emails, he will often get back to you within a few hours, the same day!


All of the following courses or podcasts have piqued my interest because I’ve heard them advertised somewhere or they have been recommended by sources I trust. I hope to go through at least a few of them in the next couple months and have reviews ready the next time you visit this page. I will only share reviews of resources I recommend! #learningneverstops.

1. Start Up Wizard course by Drs.  Danielle and Austin Davis

Listeners of Shared Practices podcast, this husband-wife duo recently developed this course and made it available free of cost for 7 days to the Shared Practices Facebook community. I was able to hear only the first few episodes to confirm that the material was valuable. I hope to go back and continue this online self-paced course in the future.

2. Advanced Startup at Breakaway Seminars

I met several past attendees of this course at the Business Masters seminar in San Antonio. Based on their recommendation, I have considered taking this course, if I do become serious about building a start up in the future. This is another 2-day in-person seminar.

PS: No financial disclosures!

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