New Dentist Business Study Club

Are you ready to invest in yourself?

The New Dentist Business Study Club is accepting members for its new year, starting in October 2020. Are you in?

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To equip you with better business, communication and leadership skills, and motivate you towards and through practice ownership.


With strong know-how of the business side of dentistry, you will make fewer mistakes, find more fulfillment and become a better leader in your future practice.

The camaraderie and friendship, members of the New Dentist Business Study Club share, has demonstrated that when motivated, like-minded dentists and dental students come together to learn, they feel heard, supported and emerge more powerful.

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Getting involved in such a community will make the big difference between early and delayed success.


  1. Equip every member with a working knowledge of what to look for while buying or starting a practice, thereby helping them make this decision as successful and predictable as possible.
  2. Fill in the gaps where dental school education falls short. This would mean evaluating continuing education courses, business tips, hiring practices, government regulations, HR concerns and more.
  3. Provide a sounding board for guidance and understanding in basic accounting, economics, and financial management, allowing new practice owners to assess ‘industry experts’ for themselves, reduce incidence of fraud, and gain confidence in hiring their personal team.
  4. Develop a cohort of dentists who are supportive of each other, compare experiences honestly, share mentors, bring colleagues to the Club who can enrich others, and build a community of non-competitive learning.


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  1. We meet approx. twice a month, on Wednesdays at 6:30 PM PST on a web-based platform.
  2. Meetings will be recorded so that those that cannot attend will always be able to access the content.
  3. This is a cohort led by and consisting of dental students and new dentists.


  1. We respect each other’s opinions and concerns.
  2. We are unafraid to admit our vulnerabilities. We know we are all here to learn.
  3. We strive to be responsible leaders in our profession and for the greater community.
  4. We believe in trust and honesty. We want to help each other succeed.

Benefits of an Annual Membership

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  1. Gain the business and leadership tools necessary to help you stand out in the market as a new dentist. If you are motivated for a life of successful practice ownership, this is the perfect Club for you.
  2. As a cost effective and business focused alternative to traditional Study Clubs, we provide a unique value proposition to new dentists.
  3. You get to choose what topics you most want to hear about. This way the Club continues to stay relevant to you and keeps you accountable towards your vision!

Annual Membership

An Annual Membership is good for 15 to 20 meetings per year, at approx. 2 per month. The cost of hosting the meeting on a web based platform and saving meeting records on the cloud is the ONLY cost you are expected to pay at the beginning of October 2020. The total cost will be decided based on how many participants we have.

Do you have questions? Please send a message @dr.deshpande to discuss any concerns. If you decide to join, we are excited to meet you! Fill out the contact form below, so we can start planning ahead.

Not sure yet? Attend an existing meeting as a guest! In the contact form below, mention your interest in attending a meeting as a guest. I will send a link over to you when the time comes.

See for yourself what business education does to your confidence.

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