Are you a new dentist asking yourself any of the following questions:

  1. How should I prepare a CE budget?
  2. Should I join a Study Club?
  3. How do I approach mentors?
  4. Which books to read and what podcasts to listen to?
  5. I am feeling disillusioned with dentistry. How do I stay motivated?
  6. Single or group practice ownership? Am I ready to own a practice?
  7. How to choose an associateship?
  8. How do I talk to employers about being a foreign-trained dentist?
  9. How can I build and manage my brand?
  10. What kind of dentist do I want to be? What is the mission and vision for my future?

It was after meeting colleagues at the New Dentist Business Study Club in Sept 2019, that I realized a lot of new dentists face the same challenges. I was also slowly able to confirm that when several dentists come together to voice issues in an environment they trust, we feel heard, supported and emerge stronger as a community. It is very important to find such a community as early as possible.

Big Hairy Audacious Goal

Via this website, I hope to help new dentists build better business, communication and leadership skills. With better soft skills, you will be able to find more fulfillment in your chosen career, thereby providing better care to patients.

About me

After attending dental school at Manipal University, India, and working as a research assistant at UCSF, I gained admission into the international dentist program at the University of Washington in 2016. I now practice as a general dentist in University Place, WA.

My professional focus lie in special needs dentistry & implants, and hosting a bi-monthly Business Study Club for new dentists. Outside of work I enjoy hiking the beautiful PNW with my husband, dancing to high energy Bollywood music and reading books on Finance & Management. Feel free to reach me directly on Instagram at @dr.deshpande